Ernst Haeckel (German, 1834-1919); Reef-forming coral with six-fold symmetry, from the book, Art Forms in Nature (Hexacoralla, Kunstformen der Natur), 1904; Lithographic and halftone print. Courtesy of Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology, Kansas City, MO.

September 8, 2018 – January 6, 2019; Lightcatcher

Curated by Barbara Matilsky, Curator of Art

Endangered Species: Artists on the Front Line of Biodiversity presents 70 works of art in all media, from rare books to cutting-edge video, that span the 19th through 21st centuries. It highlights artists who celebrate biodiversity’s exquisite complexity, interpret natural and human-induced extinctions of plants and animals, and focus on endangered species from diverse ecosystems. The exhibition explores art’s historic role in raising public awareness about the human activities that threaten habitats. Weaving together art, natural science, and conservation, Endangered Species also features creative solutions by ecological artists who revitalize habitats and reconnect people to the rich tapestry of life.

This exhibition is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as, the Norcliffe Foundation, with additional funding from the Whatcom Museum Foundation and the City of Bellingham. To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit www.arts.gov.