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8 The Thompson language
Laurence C. & M. Terry Thompson
9 Stylized characters’ speech in Thompson Salish narrative
Steven M. Egesdal
10 American Indian linguistics and ethnography in honor of Laurence C. Thompson
Anthony Mattina & Timothy Montler, eds.
13 A grammar of Bella Coola
Philip W. Davis & Ross Saunders
15 Dora Noyes DeSautel ɬaʔ kɬcaptíkʷɬ.
Anthony Mattina & Madeline DeSautel, eds.
16 Salish etymological dictionary
Aert H. Kuipers
17 Studies in Salish Linguistics in honor of M. Dale Kinkade
Donna B. Gerdts & Lisa Mattewson, eds.
18 Cowlitz dictionary and grammatical Sketch
M. Dale Kinkade
19 Lushootseed reader with English Translations Volume III.  Four stories from Martha Lamont
Thom Hess
20 Lawrence Nicodemus’s Coeur d’Alene dictionary in root format
John Lyon & Rebecca Green-Wood, eds.
21 A Festschrift for Thomas M. Hess on the occasion of his seventieth birthday
David Beck, ed.
22  nɬeʔkèpmxcín: Thompson River Salish Speech
Steven M. Egesdal, M. Terry Thompson, Mandy Jimmie
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